Outreach - Programme 2018

Winter Camp - Reaching Out

One of the visions of St. Ignatius of Loyola was " to labour to extend the greater glory of God ". Truly, our North Point has been taking the initiative of rendering service to the underpriviliged children. the school has successfully completed twelve years of " Winter Camp for the underpriviliged ".

The Outreach Programme, starts from the first week of January with students from different school. This programme included Feeding Programme, Coaching Classes, Free Stationery and various activities. the student who volunteer for the Camp are mainly from Class IX and XI. The volunteers asssiting in the Outreach Programme experience the joys of teching in some way or the other. They learn to sacrifice their three month's vacation to bring smiles to the poor and the deprived. Not only the students, but also the teachers have altruistically helped in the winter Camp.

The children are also encouraged to communicate in English so that their vocabulary would increase to a great extent. Elocutions are also conducted in each class. The subject that are mainly being focused on are also imbibed with moral values.

Apart from the teaching-learning process there are various activities which helped the children to have an all round development. The children actively participate in sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, throwball and athletics. the children also perform cultural dances and music on the Republic Day. Talent shows are organised for the children. Children are also taken for camping-cum-picninc to Tiger hill.

With Fr. Rector's vison and support of Fr. Prefect, the Teachers and the students the camp would not have been successful.

Principal: Fr. Shajumon C. K., SJ
Address: St. Joseph's School,
North Point, Darjeeling.

Phone: +91-7407401112