Of all the things that a student could learn in a school, Fine Arts happens to be one of the most lucrative and at the same time one of the least noticed subjects. One might question and wonder , how could such a subject be of any use to the student? In a world filled with competition, where hundreds and thousands tests themselves every year to get into the best engineering or administrative institutions, how could the subtle ability to draw straight and curved lines be of any importance in a student’s life? Why should he/she waste his time scribbling and scratching and splashing the canvas when he/she could utilize it to learn a new topic on static electricity or throw a few hoops in the basketball court? Well, for a moment, your question may sound legitimate, your inquiries may be reasonable. But before you make a decision, ask yourselves this question - What would the world do without art? Paris would not be Paris, Leonardo da Vinci would just be another painter and Mona Lisa would not be smiling today. the ancient hieroglyphics would have been simply numbers and figures. There would have been only one God. The Taj Mahal would have been just another Cemetery. The world would be less bright and the cities less colorful. Art may not be everyone's cup of tea and so it goes unnoticed, unpracticed. But one must accept that it is one of the most integral part of human civilization and without art we human beings would be merely mortals without the power of perception and imagination.

Coming back to the actual matter of concern, let me tell you a little something about art in North Point.

Right from the primary Division to the I.C.S.E. batch, students in North Point are given the opportunity to paint their dreams and sketch their ideas on a white sheet of paper. Under the Guidance of our art teacher, Mr. Allen Lepcha, who has done a Diploma in Fine arts, students in the art room are exposed to different kinds of pastels and colors and papers and graphite. With the required proper assistance and guidance from our dear parents a child might very well grow up to be a pioneer in the field of Fine arts.

One might be fairly familiar with the annual drama put up by the senior school more widely known in our school as the “Major Play". If you have watched the plays then you probably noticed all the props and background sets and the chromatic costumes and make-up on the actors. Well, all of those would not have been possible without the sincere effort and dedication of our art teacher Mr. Allen, and his group of young talents, and without their initiatives, the plays would have been far less colorful and lose half of its charm.

So, why not let your son give it a try at sketching and painting. In the worlds of our former Principal and Rector, Fr. Kinley Tshering,"Talents are not born with, they are discovered, worked upon and perfected through trial and error". North point could make use of another artistic mind, a to be da Vinci and the world could make use of another Brilliant North Pointer.


MONDAY : Winter Camp Begins

FRIDAY : Winter Camp Ends
MONDAY : School Office Reopens
11 SATURDAY : All Boarding Staff Arrive
14 TUESDAY : Class 10, 12 Boarders Arrive
15 WEDNESDAY : Orientation Class 10,12
16 THURSDAY : Orientation Class 10,12
17 FRIDAY : Orientation Class 10,12
18 SATURDAY : Staff Orientation / Class 6 – 9 Boarders Arrive
20 MONDAY : LD, UD, SD Classes Begin
25 SATURDAY : Class 4, 5 Boarders Arrive
26 SUNDAY : Class 3 Boarders Arrive
27 MONDAY : PD Classes Begin
28 TUESDAY : Investiture

WEDNESDAY : Cricket Season Begins
FRIDAY : Last day of Payment of fees
SATURDAY : PD/LD/UD/SD Parents’ Teachers’ Meet Cricket – Captain vs Secretary
11 SATURDAY : SUPW Classes 9-12 Cricket Match Staff Vs Students
12 SUNDAY : Cricket Cup-tie PD/LD/UD/SD
13 MONDAY : Inter-house Basketball 3 pm
18 SATURDAY : Cricket Match NP Vs SP
19 SUNDAY : Feast of St Joseph Cricket Cup-tie PD/LD/UD/SD
25 SATURDAY : Month End Outing

SATURDAY : SUPW Classes 9-12
SUNDAY : Cricket Cup-tie PD/LD/UD/SD
FRIDAY : Basketball Carnival at DGH
SATURDAY : Half- Day Inter-Class Singing Competition LD,UD / Basketball Carnival at DGH
14 FRIDAY : Good Friday
16 SUNDAY : Easter
19 WEDNESDAY : Lawn Tennis NP Vs SP
21 FRIDAY : LD Spell Bee
22 SATURDAY : Fr Kinley 8 & below Basketball / Cricket Match NP Vs MH
24 MONDAY : Inter-house Volleyball 3.00 pm
28 FRIDAY : PD Inter-Class Choral Recitation/Students from Singhania School, Mumbai arrive for Student Exchange Program
29 SATURDAY : Month End Outing / Edinburgh At NP
30 SUNDAY : Inter-house Basketball/Class 11 Boarders Arrive

MONDAY : Class 11 Classes Begin
THURSDAY : Edinburgh at NP
FRIDAY : Science & Technology Exhibition
SATURDAY : Edinburgh at NP / Science & Technology Exhibition
SUNDAY : Football Season Begins
TUESDAY : Football Match Captain Vs Secretary 3.00 pm
12 SATURDAY : LD Quiz Volleyball Carnival at SP
13 SATURDAY : SUPW Classes 9- 12 Volleyball Carnival at SP
15 MONDAY : Football Match Staff VS Students at 3 pm
20 SATURDAY : 8 & below Volleyball / Lawn Tennis NP VS SP
21 SUNDAY : Football Cup-tie PD/LD/UD/SD
22 MONDAY : Inter-house Football 3.00 pm
26 FRIDAY : PD Concert
27 SATURDAY : Month End Outing
28 SUNDAY : Football Cup-tie PD/LD/UD/SD
29 MONDAY : Football Selection
30 TUESDAY : Football Selection
31 WEDNESDAY : Football Selection

SATURDAY : SUPW Classes 9-12
SUNDAY : Football Cup-tie PD/LD/UD/SD
15 THURSDAY : First Semester Exams Begin
16 FRIDAY : Exam
17 SATURDAY : Exam
19 MONDAY : Exam
20 TUESDAY : Exam
22 THURSDAY : Exam
23 FRIDAY : Exam / Summer Holidays Begin at 10.30 am
23 FRIDAY : Educational Exchange Program to China for 7 days

SUNDAY : Inter-house Football
12 WEDNESDAY : Football NP Vs SP
15 SATURDAY : ISC Cultural Fest (Quiz Debate/Singing/Dance/elocution) Joraj Memorial Football
16 SUNDAY : Inter-house Football
19 WEDNESDAY : Football Match NP Vs MH
22 SATURDAY : Half-Day Musical Concert / TT Carnival At NP
27 THURSDAY : Shahid Divas
28 FRIDAY : PD Elocution
29 SATURDAY : Month End Outing / Alumni Quiz
30 SUNDAY : Inter-house Football
31 MONDAY : Feast of St Ignatius / Play - Inigo

WEDNESDAY : Football Match NP Vs SP
THURSDAY : Vernacular Elocution Hin-NP, Nep-SP, Ben-MH
SATURDAY : Half Day LD, UD Elocution Badminton Carnival at SAS
MONDAY : Football Match NP Vs SP
11 FRIDAY : PD Quiz
12 SATURDAY : SUPW Classes 9-12
15 TUESDAY : Independence Day / Boarding Activities
17 THURSDAY : ICSE/ISC Football Carnival at GMS
18 FRIDAY : ICSE/ISC Football Carnival GMS
19 SATURDAY : ICSE/ISC Football Carnival GMS
21 MONDAY : Athletics Season Begins
26 SATURDAY : Month End Outing
28 MONDAY : Athletics Heats

FRIDAY : NM Master’s Elocution at LC
SATURDAY : Bill German Inter-School Quiz for Primary Division
TUESDAY : Teachers’ Day
SATURDAY : Swimming Carnival At MH
16 SATURDAY : SUPW for Classes 9-12
18 MONDAY : Height & Weight (Kurseong)Mahalaya
19 TUESDAY : Height & Weight (Kalimpong)
20 WEDNESDAY : Height & Weight (Darjeeling)
22 FRIDAY : Concert/ Art/ Photography Exhibition
23 SATURDAY : Sports Day 1967 & 1992 Batch Reunion
24 SUNDAY : Concert at 1 pm 1967&1992 Batch Reunion / Dinner for Boarder Parents 5.30 pm
25 MONDAY : Rector’s Day 8.30 am/ 1967&1992 Batch Reunion /Puja Holidays Begin at 11 am
30 SATURDAY : Dussera

MONDAY : Gandhi Jayanti/ All Boarders to return to School after Puja Vacation
TUESDAY : Classes Resume
21 SATURDAY : Bhai Tikka
30 MONDAY : PTI Meeting At GMS

SATURDAY : Meeting of heads of Anglo-Indian Schools at GMS

15 FRIDAY : Second Semester Exams Begin
18 MONDAY : Second Semester Exams
19 TUESDAY : Second Semester Exams
20 WEDNESDAY : Second Semester Exams
21 THURSDAY : Second Semester Exams
22 FRIDAY : Second Semester Exams / Winter Vacation Begins at 3 PM
23 SATURDAY : All Boarders Leave
30 SATURDAY : Results